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  1. Wildfire

From the recording Wildfire

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Produced by Michael Kondakow. Mixed and Mastered by 2 Lions Audio. Featuring Konrad Commisso on Drums, Vira Burmenko on Violin, and Benjamin Louwersheimer on Cello.



There is a house,
at the end of the road
It’s a place that I dream of,
it’s a place that I go.

Throwing rocks at your window,
hand in hand through the trees,
Love hotter than a wildfire,
you were made for me.

I can still hear your voice and the way you say my name,
Standing here I know exactly what you’ll say.

Put up your feet and stay a while,
Been so long since I’ve seen that smile,
Take off your coat and stay a while,
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile.

There is a tree,
Names in its heart,
Summer afternoons, never apart.

But days are coming and the world just called my name.
Love hotter than a wildfire,
you know I can’t stay.

I’m back, I’m cracked,
Do you love her, do you love her?
I’m back, and I’m cracked.
Did you love her, when I knew you?