Arianna Mae

Originally from small town British Columbia, singer-songwriter Arianna Mae pairs catchy melodies with a deep, heartfelt nostalgia. Growing up, she began writing her own songs as a way of experimenting with popular music in contrast to the classical regimen she was being taught. 

Two music degrees and a move across the country later, you can find Arianna performing her original music in some of Toronto's best local venues and festivals. This year's highlights included a showcase at Canadian Music Week 2019 and a performance with Emerging Young Artists at The Drake Underground for their A World Away festival. 

Arianna independently released her first EP 'Coming Home' in 2017. Four of the five songs on the EP were inspired by books, thanks to a YouTube project she started in the Fall of 2015 called #newsongsonmondays. For a year, she read a book, wrote a song inspired by that book, and filmed it every week to be posted on Monday. Arianna is currently working on her second original EP to be released in the Spring of 2020.

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